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Download the edaBase Program (2.0M)
Program Version: 9.10
Build Version: Build3
File Name: edaBase910Build3.zip
Release Date: 2 sep 2014

Installation of edaBase

To download edaBase to your computer, simply click the download link above and save the installation file to your computer. Afterwards create the working directory c:\edaBase on your workstation. Once the file has been downloaded, please open and extract the contents of the Zip-archive to the working directory. Double-click the edabase program file - fill in the registration form and if needed request a trail license before using the application. Finally use the import functionality to read a designs from your own environment.

Registration and Trail License

An online registration of the program is required. Simply fill in the registration form from within edaBase before using the program. During registration you can request a 30-day trial license to evaluate edaBase product. A trail license is a full license that enables you to import PCB designs from your own environment. Trail licenses requires an online internet connection when executing the application.

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